Our Mission

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Bringing the Manhasset community together.

Moving to a new town can be difficult! The MPNC regularly hosts fun and unique events throughout the year to introduce newcomers to the wonderful people and places in Manhasset. Established residents who enjoy meeting new people are also encouraged to join. 

Our events provide members with the opportunity to socialize, share interests, build life-long friendships and volunteer together within the community. Ask around and you'll find that many Manhasset residents made their closest friends years ago through the MPNC.

Events vary from year to year but in the past we have organized Ladies' pampering events, cooking parties, Men's sporting events and Couples' themed parties (Valentine's Day, Cinco de Mayo). Our annual Progressive Dinner in June has been a beloved tradition for decades. Guests house-hop through three dinner courses at local host homes. It is a truly memorable occasion.

Check out our Recent Events and Upcoming Events to see what we offer to our members. Contact us if with any ideas or suggestions -- as a volunteer-based organization, we depend on our membership to sustain the viability and vibrancy of the club!